The Somme and Ulster Protestant consciousness

The magazine of the Redemptorist Congregation in Ireland, Reality, is planning on publishing a number of articles on the event surrounding the 1916 Centenary this year. Some of these are already in place. The magazine’s editor, however, would like to have two articles for the July issue on the Battle of the Somme. More specifically, the two topics he would like to cover are as follows.

·         The Somme and Ulster Protestant/Unionist consciousness

·         Irish Catholic combatants’ experience of the Somme.

The articles should be scholarly, but brief: a maximum of 1200-1500 words. On this occasion there is no payment for authorship. However, in addition to their value on their own right, authorship is an ideal opportunity for anyone seeking to boost their profile of ‘outreach’ or ‘impact’ activities, or for a young scholar seeking to increase their publications profile. A provisional deadline has been set for June 2016.


For those interested please contact