Swift symposium

The 14th Dublin international symposium on Jonathan Swift will take place on Saturday 17 October. It takes place in The Deanery, Upper Kevin Street, Dublin 8. The symposium begins at 2pm and concludes at 5pm.

There will be four papers given by internationally renowned scholars followed by response from Professor Daniel Carey.

The presenters and the titles of their papers are as follows:

Professor Michael Brown, (Department of History, University of Aberdeen): “How English was Jonathan Swift?”

Professor Aida Ramos (Department of Economics, University of Dallas): “Swift’s Economics: An Alternative to English Mercantilism”

Dr. Charles Ivar McGrath (School of History and Archives, University College, Dublin): “The Grand Question Debated: Swift, Army Barracks and Money”

Professor Moyra Haslett (School of English, Queen’s University, Belfast): “Singing at the Club: Songs on the Wood’s Halfpence Affair, Dublin 1724-25”


Professor Daniel Carey, (School of English, National University of Ireland, Galway)


To register for this event please telephone 01 453 9472 or email dean@stpatrickscathedral.ie