New COIHS committee

The election of members to the executive committee of the Church of Ireland Historical Society took place at Christ Church Cathedral on Saturday, 7th November. In addition to the positions of honorary secretary and honorary treasurer, two people were elected for the provinces of Armagh and Dublin. The newly elected members subsequently co-opted an additional two people to serve on the committee. Executive committee members are to hold their positions for four years.

The results were as follows:

Honorary Secretary: Dr Adrian Empey

Honorary Treasurer: Mr Brendan Twomey

Armagh Province: Professor David Hayton, Mr George Woodman

Dublin Province: Dr Miriam Moffitt, Dr Jennifer Redmond

Co-opted executive committee members: Dr Mark Empey*, Dr Raymond Refaussé

Honorary co-chairmen: Very Reverend Gregory Dunstan, Very Reverend Dermot Dunne


*Dr Mark Empey represents COIHS on the Irish Committee for Historical Sciences.